Call for Guest Bloggers!

I am currently looking for guest bloggers with adoption/foster/kinship stories (open to all members of the triad and kinship caregivers) who would like to be featured on my blog. Contributors need not be experienced bloggers–just people touched by adoption who would like their voices and experiences heard! You can remain as anonymous as you’d like, but you will receive full credit for whatever you choose to contribute for consideration. Please note that all blog posts will be subject to review and I reserve the right to accept and reject offers to contribute.

I am working on a new blog post that I hope to finish soon! So, have no fear, I absolutely will continue to write and share my thoughts and experiences with all of you! Blogging has been extremely cathartic for me and has given me a voice that I never thought would ever matter to anyone. I want to offer those touched by adoption an opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts on adoption-related topics as well, and hope this guest blogger series will prove to be a valuable and informative resource for everyone.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please contact me at!


2 thoughts on “Call for Guest Bloggers!

  1. Kim Stevens says:

    Whoops. Dropped my phone and it sent to soon. Would you be interested in a piece about adult children and letting go with love?

    Sent from my iPhone

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